Collect and analyze data about the food system in San Diego county.

The San Diego Food System Alliance’s Healthy Food Access Working Group is developing an indicator library to analyze food access issues, and we need your help to locate datasets, wrangle them into useable shape, and create visualizations.

We will be starting with a list of potential datasets, from which we will construct Ambry Data Bundles. We can load the bundles into a data library. Then we can do visualizations and analysis, such as this map from a project at Palomar College.

Visit the project wiki for important links, documents and processes.

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Healthy Food Access Data Repository Is Online
Added by Eric Busboom 5 months ago

Start of a Data Repository
We now have two health food datasets.
Added by Eric Busboom 6 months ago

Building Data Packages
Metatab, the system for building data packages, is nearly complete and ready to test.
Added by Eric Busboom 7 months ago

Data Questions Are Online as Issues, Ready For Answering
Beau entered all of the client's data questions into Issues, and Beau , David and Abhijeet have started working.
Added by Eric Busboom 8 months ago

Data Source Call TOMORROW (1 comment)
David Albrecht contacted a data source, for the SDUSD Garden-to-Café program. Let him know if you want to join the call.
Added by Eric Busboom 8 months ago

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